Rank Name Kanji XBox GamerTag BP % Win Ladder Date +/-
1 EX Pugera EXぷげら pgr pgr 394546 69 15/04/14 stable
2 NEW Shimauta NEW島唄 shimauta1988 261305 67 15/04/14 stable
3 Ebihara えびはら 245158 69 15/04/14 stable
4 Iyo 伊予 Inyour opinion 171991 76 15/04/14 stable
5 Oppoi Hoshibito おっぽい星人 mamecocco 114297 74 15/04/14 stable
6 Soranin ソラニン 101316 63 15/04/14 up+1
7 Kosobo shokunin コソボ職人 101055 65 15/04/14 down-1
8 Kamo Shio かもシオ 97313 66 15/04/14 stable
9 Okkun おっくん oku11 95539 69 15/04/14 stable
10 Tekateka てかてか 90409 68 15/04/14 stable
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