Rank Name Kanji XBox GamerTag BP % Win Ladder Date +/-
1 R −R− ice0age r 155141 71 15/04/14 stable
2 Tottsuaan とっつあぁん 154019 71 15/04/14 stable
3 Maeda Taison 太尊 125596 65 15/04/14 stable
4 Onigiri BISON おにぎりBISON onigiri kai 104954 69 15/04/14 stable
5 Sayonara, enperuto さよなら、エンペルト 103616 57 15/04/14 up+4
6 Mitsuwo みつを 102506 62 15/04/14 stable
7 Omame お豆 102023 81 15/04/14 down-2
8 Kodzuma コヅマ kojimax1024 98309 78 15/04/14 upNEW
9 Aojiru 青汁ザベル 96790 69 15/04/14 down-2
10 Shin★chan しん★ちゃん ShinchanBLACK 96658 58 15/04/14 down-2
Updated by Kyosuke tier Need updating
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