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2015 2013 2012
Area Tournament Qualified for Finals Date Bracket 2nd place (Not Qualified)
USA Final Round 17 DIGRyan Hart 16/03/14 EGPR Balrog
USA NCR 2014 EGPR Balrog 20/04/14 Infiltration
USA SEAM EGMomochi 22/06/14 Kazunoko
USA CEO 2014 Infiltration 29/06/14 EGMomochi
USA EVO 2014 MDLuffy 13/07/14 Bonchan
UK VS Fighting 4 GLValmaster 08/09/13 MDLuffy
USA The Fall Classic Snake Eyez 12/10/14 RZRXian
Japan Japan Arcade Nationals NISHIKIN 11/10/14 Bonchan
Sweden DreamHack Winter 2014 RZRFuudo 30/11/14 AVMGamerBee
Qualifying for Asia Finals 2nd place (Qualifying for Asia Finals)
China China Asia qualifier Humanbomb 09/08/14 Dark Jiewa
Korea Korea Asia qualifier RZRXian 23/08/14 PoongKO
Taiwan Taiwan Asia qualifier MCZUmehara 06/09/14 AVMGamerBee
Singapore Singapore Asia qualifier RZRGackt 04/10/14 Leslie
Qualified for Finals 2nd place (Not Qualified)
Asia Asia Finals MCZUmehara 26/10/14 RZRXian
Currently qualified by ranking
2th 856 pts Bonchan
3th 752 pts RZRXian
6th 678 pts EGJustin Wong
9th 570 pts EGRicky Ortiz
10th 566 pts CNBChuChu
12th 466 pts NuckleDu
1st of World Finals 2nd of World Finals