Statistic value of Matchups, based on tournaments results.
The win rate are based on results of 1288 matchs.
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Sure80 <= Rounds
Reliable40 <= Rounds < 80
Trend10 <= Rounds < 40
Very Favorable MU / ++ MatchUp ++
elfuerte7.020.0 rounds
Favorable MU / + MatchUp +
claw6.929.0 rounds
honda6.724.0 rounds
juri6.638.0 rounds
chunli6.548.0 rounds
dudley6.436.0 rounds
blanka6.128.0 rounds
hawk5.917.0 rounds
sakura5.888.0 rounds
abel5.723.0 rounds
gouki5.6228.0 rounds
gouken5.616.0 rounds
rufus5.4150.0 rounds
gen5.3177.0 rounds
viper5.2198.0 rounds
Even MU /= MatchUp =
sagat5.1339.0 rounds
oni5.1107.0 rounds
feilong5.0260.0 rounds
yun5.0159.0 rounds
adon4.9102.0 rounds
seth4.9129.0 rounds
Unfavorable MU / - MatchUp -
ken4.8214.0 rounds
guile4.8110.0 rounds
deejay4.821.0 rounds
rose4.757.0 rounds
boxer4.768.0 rounds
ibuki4.7167.0 rounds
cammy4.7251.0 rounds
dhalsim4.6151.0 rounds
cody4.542.0 rounds
zangief4.418.0 rounds
makoto4.262.0 rounds
elena4.010.0 rounds
dictator3.526.0 rounds
evilryu3.432.0 rounds
Not enough data
decapre8.0 rounds
yang6.0 rounds
hakan5.0 rounds
guy5.0 rounds
dan3.0 rounds
poison2.0 rounds
No Data